Sunday, October 23, 2011

Canceling Trip Insurance

In theory, all strategies trip cancellation insurance are valuable in undesirable situations, such as death, injury or illness. In addition, trip cancellation insurance also applies in the case of unforeseen events, such as being summoned to court for a legal problem, your house has been burned down or your car has had a problem and can not get to the airport for the flight is lost, or employees of a travel supplier have begun a strike.

Not considering whether to approve the storm of losing a prepayment or a small deposit. Not really useful as hedging instruments lowest trip, for example, allowing the clothing in place, if your luggage is delayed. However, if you have paid long before an important trip, long, letter of money or touring, then you should get your money back, through the trip cancellation insurance.

Travel and risks
In general, letters and package tours mean large sums of money deposited before departure. If you cancel your trip in about a month before you leave, you can get the total amount of money if you require trip cancellation. There are consolidator tickets, once acquired, even if the trip is canceled your money can not be returned, therefore, you must obtain the original tickets for your trip in order to recover the money in case of a cancellation. Generally, a financial risk if you have paid in advance for your trip, do not know when changes occur and can lose money.

Trip Cancellation Insurance
Strategies trip cancellation insurance will refund your money in the following cases:

1. Death, illness, injury. In this case, the traveler who is insured is protected, and one or more people who have joint him or her. If a family member who stayed home sick, dead or injured and have to interrupt your trip, you can also benefit from the return. On the other hand, there are some strategies that extend the repayment period, due to the cancellation of a visit to a business partner who stayed home or a family member of a traveling companion.

Strategies can not refund if your trip is canceled due to the previous situation, a health problem, for example, who was present at the precise moment before buying strategy. A first case is usually specified as one for which a person was cured of which is guaranteed by a doctor or medications that were prescribed. The exclusive period is can vary from 30 to 180 days.

2. The problems at home. A lot of insurance strategies trip cancellation will be reimbursed on the basis of many unwanted events in your home that can not be avoided and can be ordered to stop or trip cancellation. They are, for example, problems with the house and can not live in it and because of the flooding, fire, earthquake or other catastrophic event. You are called to justice or had an accident on his way to the airport.

3. Operator failure. Cancellation insurance return airline tickets or hotel vouchers previously paid, if an airline has a problem or a tour operator or travel agency. Cancellation insurance in connection with the operator's failure to cover on the basis of these contingencies, but not quite. There are plenty of strategies that will protect you claim for breach or failure, but there are only a few that are covered in bankruptcy.

A lot of strategies for trip cancellation insurance, is not taken into account the failure of the company that sells insurance and travel services. There are only a few strategies that exclude them. Therefore, if you buy a trip cancellation insurance from a travel agency, you will not get your money back if the agency does not, but if the operator of an airline, charter operator, or go all covered .

4. Problems destination. Cancellation insurance can, that the protection on the basis of a considerable list of unexpected events in your destination, or the area where the plane flies through. Examples include hostage situations, flood, fire or earthquake in your destination, or that is in quarantine because of a contagious disease. On the other hand, a strike was announced may disrupt air traffic, or worse, may be the victim of a terrorist attack.


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